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NMS Installation

Category: Boomerang

This white paper will discuss the installation process for NMS (Network Management Software) that is used to configure Boomerang Low Voltage Sensors and the default files that are generated by the installer. It also discusses the file permissions required for the system to operate and an overview of how to move or make a copy of the system. The Boomerang is a single-phase, voltage only sensor equipped with a cellular modem capable of reporting into PMI’s proprietary Canvass web-based power quality analysis portal or into an organization’s SCADA system.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Prerequisite Requirements
  • Installation Steps
  • Files Created
  • Base Folder Files
  • Firmware Folder Files
  • Key Folder Files
  • Lock File Folder
  • File Permissions
  • Copy/Move Procedure

Download White Paper Here