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Oscillatory Transient Ring Frequency

Category: ProVision, Revolution, PMI Products, Power Quality, Analyzing Waveforms, Box Recorder, Eagle

Oscillatory Transient Ring Frequencyoscillatory transient ring frequency_2

Read how to capture waveform data  to estimate ring frequencies for oscillatory transients.


The ring frequencies of resonant circuits can be discovered by manual analysis of waveform data using ProVision. As little as a half cycle can be used to make an estimate on a ringing frequency while multiple cycles of ring can be used to estimate the range of frequencies on which the circuit is resonating.


Like any other rigorous process we also have the ability to verify the results of our work. To do this, we can use the harmonic magnitude plot and compare to the frequency distribution and visualize where our estimates came from...


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Data Collection
  • Finding and Isolating Resonances in Waveform Data
  • Estimating Ring Frequency
  • Pitfalls that Occur When You Don't Use the Peak
  • Using Half Cycles to Find Ring Frequency
  • Using the Harmonic Magnitude Plot

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