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Managing Outages with Canvass and PQ Canvass

Category: Boomerang, Canvass

Understand the tools PMI offers for efficient outage management and how to use these tools effectively.


Responding to outages in a timely fashion is of the utmost importance to any utility, but you can’t respond to a voltage interruption that you don’t know about.


Deploying an Outage Management System (OMS) is vital to restoring service quickly and keeping customers happy.


PMI’s Boomerang line of monitoring devices, coupled with our cloud-based Canvass software, can be placed strategically at substations, end-of-line and customer locations to provide instant SMS or email notifications of interruptions which can be used to roll trucks as quickly as possible.


PMI can provide everything a utility needs to implement an effective Outage Management System.


Monitoring devices such as the Boomerang, real-time alerts through Canvass, and detailed outage reports through PQ Canvass constitute a simple, well- rounded, and intuitive way to give an immediate customer response and gather data for long term planning and reporting.


This white paper includes:

  • Canvass
  • Devices
  • Distribution Lists
  • Adding Lists
  • Adding List Devices
  • Alerts
  • Personnel
  • PQ Canvass
  • Outage List Report
  • Outage Summary Report

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