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IEEE 1250 Overview: An Introduction to Power Quality 

Category: PQ Theory, Power Quality, IEEE Standards

IEEE 1250 Overview: An Introduction to Power Quality 

Whether you are new to the study of power quality, or an experienced PQ pro looking for a quick reference, IEEE Standard 1250 is the place to start.

IEEE 1250 - Harmonic Limits

IEEE 1250 identifies and categorizes many common power quality (PQ) problems that can occur within a power line network, as well as strategies for mitigation.

IEEE 1250 is a "gateway" document that provides an overview of power quality issues, then references more detailed IEEE standards to read for in-depth information. It is this "gateway" aspect makes IEEE 1250 a foundational reference for anyone involved in power quality.  The goal of this whitepaper is to provide a brief introduction to the power quality topics introduced in the IEEE 1250 Standard.


This White Paper Includes:

  • IEEE 1250 - The Foundational Reference
  • Power Quality Issues by Category
  • Steady State Voltage Signals Explained
  • The Seven Levels of Tolerance
  • Disturbance Levels
  • Economic Analysis of Power Quality Solutions

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