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Overview of Interval Graph Recorders

Category: Using PMI Recorders

This White paper is a general overview of the basic functions of an Internal Graph Recorder. PMI recorders can be configured to be event driven or non-event driven. The focus of this paper is on the non-event driven functions, the Internal Graph Recorder modes. If the recorder is set to non-event mode, the unit’s memory can be configured to stop when it fills up, or configured to keep recording over-write old data. If the recorder is used in the non-wrap around mode, a time interval or recording time can be specified. If the time interval is specified, then the recorder will estimate the recording time length for the pre-established reports. Understanding how to configure your recorder and knowing up front what data is required for a study before initializing a recorder is a plus in collecting useful data. The total length of the recording time is directly proportional to the amount of memory the recorder has and inversely proportional to the number of channels or data fields recorded. Provision’s configuration supports great flexibility in allowing the customer to get the most out of their recorder.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Interval Graph Recorder
  • Event Driven
  • Non-event Driven

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