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PC Memory Requirements for the Revolution and Vision

Category: Communications, Guardian, Eagle

The Revolution and VisionPro are PMI’s most powerful and versatile power analyzers. The Revolution is capable of transient waveform capture, recording readings for selected intervals at one-cycle resolution, and can even capture events that last less than one cycle. The Revolution is available with different amounts of internal memory: 16 MB, 128 MB, 512 MB, and 1 GB. The VisionPro offers the same functionality as the Revolution and is available with 1 GB of internal memory; for purposes of this paper, it can be referenced as a Revolution with 1 GB of internal memory.



  • This White Paper Includes:
  • Selecting the Proper Memory Percentage
  • Recommended Memory Settings
  • Chart
  • Determine the Total Amount of Internal Memory
  • Determine the Amount of System Memory
  • Modifying How Much Memory is Used

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