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PMI PQ Ruler

Category: PQ Theory

PMI PQ Ruler

Read about the contents of PMI's PQ ruler, packed with engineering reference material.



PMI’s PQ Ruler is packed with power quality formulas, industry standard limits, tolerance curves, and engineering reference material in the form of a handy 6” ruler. Here the information is unpacked and discussed in more detail. Note that the information on the ruler is highly condensed, and for reference purposes only. The relevant PQ standards should be consulted for background and details.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Sign Convention
  • Ohm's Law and Power Formulas
  • PF, DPF and Harmonics
  • 60Hz and Cycles
  • Eli the Ice Man
  • Voltage Unbalance
  • IEEE Standards
  • Resonance Frequency
  • Feeder Resonance Formula
  • Voltage Notching
  • Voltage Limits
  • IEEE Std. 141 Flicker
  • IEEE 519 Voltage Harmonic Limits
  • IEEE 5129 Current Harmonic Limits
  • IEEE 1453 Flicker
  • Transient Definitions

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