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Hardware for Power Quality and Distribution Monitoring

Category: Revolution, Boomerang, PMI Products, Power Quality, Guardian, Meter Sockets, Using PMI Recorders, Eagle

Selecting the best hardware tool for power quality and distribution monitoring can be tough. Discover all you need to know in this power monitoring hardware white paper.


How do you know the right solution for your power monitoring needs? It can be difficult to select hardware that fulfills your current as well as future requirements. This power monitoring hardware white paper aims to address the key factors that distinguish products and provides insight into the technical abilities of each.


Data needs, location, and communications requirements are all factors involved in selecting the right monitor for an investigation or permanent installation. An overview of PMI devices is given here, along with guidelines for making the best choice.


The Revolution and Guardian offer the most advanced PQ measurements along with cell communications for email alerts and remote data access. The Eagle and Eagle 120 provide standard PQ capabilities with Bluetooth for local wireless access. The iVS-2S and iVS-3SX are PQ recorders for single and polyphase meter bases.


The Boomerang is designed for distribution system monitoring of RMS voltage, current, and power, not power quality investigations. With much more detailed measurements than any AMI system can provide...


This white paper includes:

  • PQ Investigation
  • Steady State Monitoring
  • Communication Options
  • CT Selection

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