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Predictive Power Monitoring

Category: PMI Products, Using PMI Recorders, Eagle

Find power quality equipment early by understanding how to utilize PMI's complete line of power monitors and supporting software.


Power Quality Monitoring data can be used to detect and identify potential problems either before equipment begins to fail or before it fails completely.


Symptoms recorded by PQ monitors can indicate impending failures.


This allows preemptive action to prevent major disturbances, equipment or conductor failures, customer outages, and complaints.


Predictive power monitoring requires longer term monitoring of systems and equipment performance to establish a “normal operation” baseline for future comparison.


These baselines can be used to detect trends and changes over time as well as alarms sent when measured data crosses these normal boundaries.


When using predictive monitoring, you want the monitor to be as close to the load as possible.


The closer the monitor is to the load, the better the baseline can be established.


When multiple loads are being monitored, the ranges measured can have greater variation.


This white paper includes:

  • Monitoring
  • Examples
  • Parametric Graphs

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