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ProVision Settings for Wireless Communications

Category: PMI Products, Communications, Box Recorder, Guardian, Eagle

This white paper describes the proper communication settings for wireless PMI Recorders using ProVision software. PMI offers many different Recorders for capturing disturbing and expensive PQ events. With the many options available it is necessary to think about the needs and safety requirements of the people operating the equipment. In an effort to facilitate safer operating conditions, PMI offers wireless communication in many of its power quality analyzers. The Eagle Series, Guardian, Vision, and Revolution can all be purchased with the optional Bluetooth wireless link. The Revolution can also be purchased with the long-range cellular link for optimum safety. To make best use of PMI wireless devices, it is important to know how to configure them in ProVision data analysis software.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Bluetooth Communications
  • Internal/External Bluetooth
  • Cell Communication

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