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Real-Time Voltage Interruption Detection and Alerting

Category: Boomerang, Canvass, Voltage

Utility situational awareness is critical with today’s high customer expectations, increased regulatory scrutiny, and reliance on stable AC power. Voltage interruption/outage detection is the most basic, and usually the most important process in staying ahead of customer complaints and fixing problems as quickly as possible. Traditionally, utilities have relied on sporadic instrumentation at a polled interval or from direct customer notifications to measure the extent, duration, type and severity of interruptions. Some AMI systems have a limited ability to provide outage notifications, albeit on a somewhat delayed time scale. The Boomerang and Canvass provide instant email and SMS notifications of any interruption, along with a historical record of the entire event. This white paper describes the new interruption system.


This white paper includes:

  • How it works
  • Configuring Canvass for alerts
  • Viewing an interruption

Download White Paper Here