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Recorder Settings for Harmonic Investigations

Category: Harmonics/Interharmonics

This white paper describes the best recorder setup for investigating a harmonics complaint or evaluating utility and customer compliance to IEEE 519 harmonic distortion limits. Determining the objectives for a power quality monitoring session prior to installing a recorder can have a direct impact on instrument setup, selection of a monitoring location, and evaluation of recorded data. This is especially true when evaluating PQ issues that require calculations of various power system parameters for comparison to recommended limits in IEEE standards, or evaluation of utility and customer effects on electric system voltage quality. Recorder initialization should therefore include settings that are directly applicable to the specific power quality problem being investigated.


This White Paper Includes:

  • VTHD Interval Graph
  • ITHD Interval Graph
  • Harmonic Interval Graphs
  • Waveform Capture Harmonic Distortion

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