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Power Quality Recorder Setup Basics (Part 2)

Category: ProVision, PMI Products, Guardian, Using PMI Recorders, Eagle

This whitepaper is a continuation of WP241 (Recorder Setup Basics). In part one the details and relative memory consumption of interval recording was discussed along with the associated controls for working with the initialization screens. The whitepaper started with the “Basic Screen” and concluded with “Interval Graphs” in the advanced initialization settings. The next item to be covered from the advanced settings is the “Waveform Capture” screen. Waveform capture provides the most detailed information possible - the raw sampled data, but consumes memory more quickly than every other record type. Understanding the waveform capture setup is important in gathering the most useful data possible in a recording.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Waveform capture
  • Availability

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