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Sharing Cloud Based Data

Category: Boomerang, PMI Products, Canvass

Understand how to share cloud-based data using PMI equipment and multiple Canvass accounts.


Canvass provides a cloud-based system for gathering, storing, and analyzing voltage, current, and power data from Boomerangs and Revolutions. In large deployments, with hundreds or thousands of devices, it’s more convenient to group devices into regions and Canvass subaccounts.


With Canvass subaccounts, one master account is a “rolled-up” account that shows all devices, while subaccounts allow other users full administrative access or normal access to just a subset of devices. In addition to its usefulness in handling very large deployments, the subaccount feature works well with special device situations.


One case for this feature may be where two utilities wish to share a device’s data at a single location. Another may be where devices belong to a larger utility but are also utilized by a regional cooperative served by that larger utility. A third case may be where a utility installs a device at a customer location, and wishes to share that single device with the customer, but also include it in the larger, private utility account.


This whitepaper details PMI's 2016 upgrade in which equipment may be used with multiple Canvass accounts, rather than limited to a single account.


This white paper includes:

  • How it Works
  • Shared Attributes
  • Users
  • Notifications
  • 3 Phase Groups
  • Mutliple Accounts in Action
  • Adding Multi-Account Support

Download White Paper Here