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Steps to Find the Source of Harmonics

Category: Harmonics/Interharmonics

Steps to Find the Source of HarmonicsSteps to Find the Source of Harmonics_05

Read how to find the source of harmonics by following these five simple techniques.


Several methods are provided here to help identify the source of harmonic distortion. The best method depends on the details of the problem, especially if power factor correction capacitors are involved. With a systematic approach, and recording of voltage and current total harmonic distortion and individual harmonics, nonlinear loads can be identified. This is the first step towards mitigation or harmonic filtering.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Harmonic Current Flow - "Follow the Current"
  • Harmonic Power Flow Direction
  • Relative Magnitudes Approach
  • Common Sense Approach - Evaluate Likely Sources, Customers
  • Resonance Clues

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