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THD Waveform Capture Triggering

Category: Revolution, PMI Products, Guardian, Harmonics/Interharmonics, Using PMI Recorders

THD Waveform Capture TriggeringTHD Waveform Capture Triggering_02

Read why THD triggering is the most effective way to capture waveform data.


The simplest waveform capture triggering is based on RMS voltage or current changes. While sufficient for voltage sags, recloser operations, etc., more complex events such as cap bank switches, narrow voltage notches, and other waveshape distortions call for a more advanced trigger. The waveshape trigger provides this mechanism and is described here.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Waveshape Trigger Logic and Settings
  • Analyzing the Results
  • Examples and Recommendations

Download White Paper Here