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The Complete RMS Voltage Picture

Category: PMI Products, Canvass, Meter Sockets

Available in a Form 2S meter socket adapter, standalone box configuration, or 120V plug- in, the Boomerang works with CANVASS web-based data analysis software to provide a complete voltage picture. The Boomerang collects RMS voltage data on a one second basis. Every 30 minutes, most recent 1800 one-second RMS values are sent to the PMI data center, for storage in the Canvass database. With this system, all data collection is performed continuously by the Canvass database – no data is stored in the Boomerang, and no recording download operation is required by the user. The data is always available via Canvass, automatically. As soon as the Boomerang is installed, it links with Canvass – no user setup is required at all. The latest realtime readings are always available via the Canvass interface.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Boomerang Specifications
  • Completely Programmable
  • Canvass Web Software
  • Graph Options
  • Stripchart
  • Full Zoom Control
  • Histogram
  • Daily Profile Graph
  • Standard Deviation

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