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The New / Improved IP Address Resolution Server

Category: General Communications, Communications

PMI’s Revolution can be configured to use a cellular modem as one of its many different means of connectivity. When this option is present the modem can be configured in one of two ways: with a static IPv4 address or with a dynamic IPv4 address. A static IP address is always the same, and thus easy to program into ProVision for connection. A dynamic IP address may change at any time, presenting a difficulty for establishing an outside connection. To keep track of dynamic IP addresses, PMI hosts a service that logs the most recent address of each Revolution, and ProVision queries this log to connect to a specific Revolution. This system is described in this paper.


This white paper includes:

  • History of the IP Address Resolution Server
  • The new IP Address Resolution Server
  • A note about static IP addresses
  • Connecting to a cell-modem Revolution from Provision using the new IP Resolution Service

Download White Paper Here