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Three Phase Motor Start Causes Voltage Dips

Category: Voltage Sag, Power Quality, Case Studies

Three Phase Motor Start Causes Voltage DipsThree Phase Motor Start Causes Voltage Dips_01

Read our case study about how a three-phase motor start caused voltage dips for one utility and how a solution was reached.


In many cases when a local utility customer complains of voltage problems, it can often be traced back to a neighboring electrical load change that has caused voltage dips on connected services through their substation feeders.


One of the many utilities using PMI troubleshooting equipment brought to our attention such an incident.


Using properly installed power quality monitoring units, they were able to put together a timeline of events that made it possible to clearly identify the causes of voltage dips on low voltage circuits.


This case study examines this incident and the investigation of its cause.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Initial Conditions
  • Review of Evidence

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