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Top Ten Field Tips for PMI Recorders and ProVision

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Top Ten Field Tips for PMI Recorders and ProVision


Take a look at PMI's top ten field tips for PMI recorders and ProVision, ideal for power quality professionals in the field.


1. Use the Right Current Range

All modern PMI CTs offer adjustable current ranges: the iron-core TLARs are 20A or 200A (defaults to 200A), and the Flex CTs are 100A, 1000A, and 5000A (defaults to 1000A) full scale.


2. Don’t Forget Histograms and Daily Profiles

The cycle histograms and daily profiles are important, but often forgotten record types.


3. Use Initialization Templates

At least a third of all the files we see at PMI have the default stripchart settings enabled.


4. Get the Most Out of Waveform Capture

Waveform capture is one of the most powerful record types in the PQ arsenal...

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