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Transferring ProVision Recordings to PQCanvass

Category: ProVision, PMI Products, PQ Data Analysis, PQ Canvass

Unlock the ability to sync ProVision recordings to PQCanvass.


We cover the various benefits of uploading ProVision recordings to PQCanvass.


Uploaded files allow for the sharing of recordings with users that have the same PQCanvass account. Uploaded recordings can also be graphed in PQCanvass allowing side by side graphing with Boomerang data, and other recordings. PQCanvass can be used as a central repository for ProVision recordings, allowing you to view recordings from diverse locations and differing devices without the need to install ProVision. This is possible because PQCanvass is web-based, allowing users to use devices, such as tablets, that cannot run ProVision.


Another benefit is that PQCanvass can replace localized central repositories that require IT departments to setup.


When ProVision recordings are transferred to PQCanvass, they are converted to the newer NSF recording format for transfer, if they are in the older XSB or XSF formats. The original recording is left in place in its original format. The NSF format is required for viewing in PQCanvass.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Overview
  • Uploading Recordings
  • Downloading Recordings
  • Viewing Recordings in PQCanvass

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