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Understanding IEEE IEC Flicker Processing

Category: PMI Products, Flicker, Guardian, IEEE Standards, Eagle

Flicker measurement has improved dramatically with the advent of the flicker measurement techniques described in IEEE-1453/IEC61000-4-15. It is a feature found in many power quality monitors that makes flicker measurement more objective, quicker and more thorough. This paper presents a description of the method described and the standards to implement flicker measurements.


This white paper includes:

  • Overview of flicker
  • Flickermeter defined
  • How does it work?
  • Block 1 - gain control
  • Block 2 - demodulation
  • Block 3 - weighing filter
  • Block 4 - brain reaction
  • Block 5 - statistical classification
  • Data collection
  • Flicker limits
  • IEEE 1453 recommended flicker limits to avoid complaints

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