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Understanding PMI Data Record Types – Part 1

Category: PMI Products, Power Quality, Box Recorder, Guardian, Eagle

The job of any power monitor is to record all interesting data and leave unrecorded the vast majority of boring, unremarkable data. The tricky part for a monitor is deciding which events are important. This is a problem of data reduction. A recorder that captured every 60 Hz waveform during a week’s recording would never miss an event, but would present the user with billions of useless cycles. Conversely, a recorder whose thresholds are set incorrectly may not record anything. Staying somewhere between these two extremes involves a balance of thresholds, settings, and record types. The monitor will see an enormous amount of data on its voltage and current inputs– the Revolution sees over 432 billion samples per day! Ideally, all this data is reduced to a small report which just shows the important events and measurements. The sifting of data into specific record types accomplishes this task. This whitepaper covers continuous, non-triggered record types in part 1 and triggered data in part 2.


This white paper includes:

  • Triggered record types
  • Remote access and memory usage
  • Stripcharts
  • What's recorded
  • Typical settings and suggested uses
  • Examples
  • Daily profiles
  • Cycle histograms
  • Minute histograms
  • Energy usage

Download White Paper Here