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Understanding PMI Data Record Types – Part 3

Category: Power Quality

The final piece to our popular three-part white paper series reveals PMI's cycle-level triggered data types.wp214BlogPost


The job of any power monitor is to record all interesting data, and leave unrecorded the vast majority of boring, unremarkable data.


The tricky part for a monitor is deciding which events are important. This is a problem of data reduction.


Ideally, the enormous amount of data is reduced to a small report which just shows the important events and measurements. The sifting of data into specific record types accomplishes this task.


Part 1 of this series covered all the non-triggered PMI record types (e.g. stripcharts, daily profiles, histograms, etc). Part 2 reviewed triggered data types that operate at the one second time level.


This white paper describes the cycle-level triggered record types: Significant Change, Event Capture, and GE Flicker. Sample-level triggered types, including Waveform Capture, Transient Capture, and ITIC/ CBEMA will be covered in later parts...

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