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Understanding the Harmonic Analysis Report

Category: Power Quality, Analyzing Waveforms, Harmonics/Interharmonics

Understanding the Harmonic Analysis Report

Understanding the Harmonic Analysis Report_04

Read how to create a Harmonic Analysis Report in ProVision and when it's best to use this report.


Harmonics are distortions in the 60Hz voltage or current caused by non-linear loads on the system. Harmonics are of interest to utilities as they can cause damage to equipment, such as creating extra vibrations in motors or causing excess heat in transformers.


Power Monitors, Inc. (PMI) ProVision software features advanced harmonic analysis features. One such feature is the ability to generate harmonic analysis

reports. This paper will examine how to create a harmonic report in ProVision, describe the various pieces of the report, and also discuss when to use this

report vs. other ProVision harmonic tools.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Opening a Harmonic Report
  • Report Header
  • THD-F and THD-R
  • THD Fundamental
  • THD-R
  • Even Harmonics
  • Odd Harmonics
  • Triplen Harmonics
  • Telephone Interference Factor (TIF)
  • K Factor
  • Magnitude
  • Phase
  • Harmonic Report vs. Stripchart

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