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Understanding the Harmonic Analysis Report

Category: PQ Theory, Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis, Analyzing Waveforms, Harmonics/Interharmonics

Understanding the Harmonic Analysis Report

Understanding the Harmonic Analysis Report

Learn how to create a Harmonic Analysis Report in ProVision and when to use this report.


The Harmonic Analysis Report is a powerful tool featured in PMI's ProVision software.


It features a plethora of detailed data, presented in an easy to read format.


In addition, the data can be exported to CSV and a number of other formats...


This White Paper Includes:

  • Opening a Harmonic Report
  • Report Header
  • THD-F and THD-R
  • THD Fundamental
  • THD-R
  • Even Harmonics
  • Odd Harmonics
  • Triplen Harmonics
  • Telephone Interference Factor (TIF)
  • K Factor
  • Magnitude
  • Phase
  • Harmonic Report vs. Stripchart

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