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Using 3D Graphs in ProVision

Category: ProVision

Using 3D Graphs in ProVision

Using 3D Graphs in ProVision_2

Our popular white paper overviews the 3D graph feature available in PMI's ProVision software.


The 3D graph feature in ProVision offers a distinct

way of visualizing data and can provide an overview

of mass numbers of traces that a standard stripchart

graph would be insufficient for.


This is especially useful examining harmonics and interharmonics, which requires concurrent examination of a large number of traces.


The 3D presentation allows these to be seen at once for the entire recording session.


Consequently, a standard stripchart graph can be used to examine individual traces with more detail.


Using a 3D graph to gain an overview of the traces, then using a 2D graph for refined detail is one more way ProVision can be used for

power quality analysis...

Download White Paper Here