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Using PMI Boomerangs with an RTAC

Category: Boomerang, Voltage Sag, Cellular Communications, Communications, SCADA, Control, Networking

Using PMI Boomerangs with an RTACUsing PMI Boomerangs with an RTAC

Learn how to collect step-by-step data using the Boomerang and an SEL Real Time Automation Controller in this NEW PMI white paper.


In addition to PMI’s cloud-based Canvass system compatibility, Boomerang distribution monitors including a DNP3 port for use in SCADA.


Advanced distribution programs such as volt/VAR optimization, DER management, and outage notification require the Boomerangs to operate with SCADA automation controllers. One popular controller is the SEL RTAC line.


Here an introduction to the RTAC is presented, along with a brief review of the DNP3 protocol, how to integrate a Boomerang with an RTAC, and a few examples of RTAC automation with the Boomerang.


Additional information about the DNP3 point map for Boomerangs can be found in WP316 (DNP3 Point Map 2.0 Update).


This White Paper Includes:

  • Real Time Automation Controller (RTAC)
  • DNP3
  • Advantages of a DNP3 Concentrator
  • Configuring a Boomerang in an RTAC as a DNP3 Slave
  • Utilizing Unsolicited Events
  • Configuring DNP3 Event Thresholds
  • Using the Tag Processor
  • Using the RTAC as a DNP3 Slave

Download White Paper Here