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Using Scale Factors for PT/CT Ratios and Per-Unit Analysis in ProVision

Category: ProVision, PMI Products, Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis, Flex CT

Using Scale Factors in ProVision

using scale factors for pt ct ratios and per unit analysis in provision_2

Understand various uses for scale factor to help extract the most information from power quality data possible.


The many uses for scale factors are described here, along with the mechanism for applying them in ProVision.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Scale Factors in Provision
  • Uses for Scale Factors
  • Applying PT and CT Ratios to Reflect Primary Values
  • Correcting for Multiple or Fractional Turns Through a Clamp
  • Converting to Per-Unit Values
  • Correcting for Backwards CTs
  • Switching Power Flow Direction for Distributed Generation

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