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Using Standard Deviation To Get More from Daily Profiles

Category: PQ Theory, PMI Products, Canvass, PQ Data Analysis

Using Standard Deviation to Get More from Daily Profiles Using Standard Deviation To Get More from Daily Profiles_03

Read how Daily Profile Graphs can help PQ experts analyze voltage and current over a specific period of time.


The Canvass power quality portal provides the user many different tools for analyzing voltage, current and power over considerable periods of time. One such tool is the Daily Profile Graph, which allows the user to view average readings over a specific time period. While other white papers have given an overview of this graph, this whitepaper is going to focus in on one specific feature of the Daily Profile Graph: the Standard Deviation Overlay.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Daily Profile Overview
  • Getting More Out of Daily Profiles with Standard Deviation
  • Closer Analysis

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