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Using the Revolution for IEEE 519-2014 Harmonic Studies

Category: Harmonics/Interharmonics

Using the Revolution to Meet the IEEE 519-2014 StandardUsing-the-Revolution-for-IEEE-519-2014-Harmonic-Studies

Learn how to use PMI's Revolution to verify compliance for the IEEE 519-2014 standard.


This paper will cover how to use a PMI Revolution recorder to verify compliance according to the IEEE 519-2014 harmonic standard.


Recommended initialization settings and data analysis techniques are reviewed, along with some background on the Revolution’s capabilities with regards to the standard.


The IEEE 519-2014 standard covers definitions, monitoring recommendations, and limits for harmonic distortion on low, medium, and high voltage systems...


This White Paper Includes:

  • How to Setup a Revolution to Record Harmonics and Interharmonics
  • Where Should You Place Your PQ Recorder?
  • Retrieving Data Samples, Charts, and Graphs
  • Analysis of Results

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