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Using TLAR CTs

Category: PMI Products, Flex CT, Using PMI Recorders, Eagle, TLAR

Understand the various probe and channel configuration options available for PMI's TLAR CTs and how they measure low range current.


1. TLAR CTs are current transformer iron core clamps for accurately measuring current especially at the low current ranges. They are usually the best choice for 5A secondaries.


2. TLARs are available in two styles and in 2, 3 or 4 channel models.


3. It is important to have the arrow on each clamp pointing towards the load.


4. The primary can be wrapped multiple times around the clamp to increase resolution at low currents (as shown in Figure 5). This is especially helpful with very low metering CT outputs (under 1 amp). Just make sure to adjust the scale factors in ProVision or Canvass...


This white paper includes:

  • Basics of a Current Transformer
  • Basics of PMI TLAR CTs
  • Tips for Using TLARs
  • Comparison of PMI TLARs to PMI Flex CTs

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