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Viewing PQCanvass Boomerang Data in ProVision

Category: ProVision, Boomerang, Canvass, PQ Canvass

Learn how to generate a ProVision recording from PQCanvass Boomerang or Revolution data.


Boomerangs smart grid sensors transmit RMS voltage, current, and power data to cloud-based Canvass and PQCanvass systems.


Canvass/ PQCanvass provide web-based data analysis tools, email/SMS notifications, and long term data storage of the one second resolution Boomerang data.


However, for situations requiring more detailed analysis, especially in conjunction with PQ monitor recordings, it can be useful to transfer Boomerang-style data from Canvass/PQCanvass to ProVision, PMI’s desktop PQ analysis software.


PMI’s Revolutions can also be configured to send Boomerang-style one second readings to Canvass, in parallel with its PQ recording tasks.


Revolution data in Canvass or PQCanvass is treated as Boomerang data, and this Boomerang-style data may be transferred to ProVision with the same method.


Of course, the Revolution may be downloaded directly into ProVision, where all Revolution PQ information is available.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Generating a ProVision Recording
  • Transferring the New Recording to ProVision
  • Viewing the Recording in ProVision

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