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Voltage and Current Out of Limits Reports

Category: ProVision, PMI Products, PQ Data Analysis, Box Recorder

This white paper covers Out of Limits Reports, their main benefits, and how and when to use them. Out of Limits Reports offer a quick way to gauge power quality in a system because only the fluctuations that are outside of the selected thresholds are displayed. Out of Limits Reports are a type of Event Report and can provide data on either voltage or current. Using the Out-of Limits Report reduces the amount of data that need to be examined by pinpointing unusual occurrences during the recording period.

The primary use of these reports is to show voltage or current data points that fall outside of user-specified limits. Out of Limits Reports are generated solely from stripchart data; the max/min values are one cycle readings, while the average is over the main stripchart interval average. Max/min is good for catching sags and average is good for looking at steady-state voltage drift or problems.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Example
  • Scale Factor
  • Report Export

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