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Voltage Optimization with the Boomerang and Canvass

Category: Boomerang, PMI Products, Canvass, Meter Sockets, Conservation Voltage Reduction

Voltage Optimization with the Boomerang and Canvass

Voltage Optimization with the Boomerang and Canvass_02

Get long-term reporting and real-time voltage measurements with PMI's Boomerang and Canvass system for successful Voltage Optimization.


The Boomerang provides a complete DNP3 interface for seamless SCADA integration, while also working with the cloud-based Canvass system.


The multiple Boomerang form factors, ease of use, and dual DNP3/ Canvass operation makes it well suited for CVR voltage sensing.


The one second data provides valuable detailed information anywhere in the distribution network, stored indefinitely in Canvass.


This data can be used to meet reporting requirements, to fine-tune and monitor CVR performance, and to provide email/ SMS alerts in case of problems.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Key VO/CVR Requirements
  • Boomerang
  • Boomerang Hardware
  • Boomerang Operation
  • Boomerang Triggering
  • Boomerang Unsolicited Report by Exception
  • Canvass
  • System Profiling and CVR Tuning
  • Data Storage and Reporting
  • Alerts
  • AMI Systems

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