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Voltage Sag Source: Upstream or Downstream?

Category: Voltage Sag, Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis, Voltage

Voltage Sags: Upstream or Downstream?

Voltage Sags Upstream or Downstream_01

Read how to find the source of a sag and techniques for voltage sag mitigation.


The first step in voltage sag mitigation is finding the source of the sag. In a power quality recording, spotting the voltage sag itself is often easy, but determining whether the sag was caused by a load being monitored (downstream), or incoming from the distribution side (upstream) requires a closer look at the data.


Techniques for determining the sag location are described in this whitepaper, along with examples.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Voltage Sag Basics
  • Sag Voltage & Load Currents
  • Examples

Download White Paper Here