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PMI’s line of power quality monitors can be used with Canvass to quickly and easily locate voltage unbalance problems.


Voltages are rarely perfectly balanced in three-phase systems.


Although small unbalances are not usually a problem, if this unbalance becomes too great then the unbalance can cause problems especially for three-phase motors or compressors.


Fortunately unbalance is easy to measure with PMI three-phase Boomerangs and Revolutions with Canvass.


Canvass provides the tools to help identify and locate the source of voltage unbalance problems.


Voltage unbalance in a three-phase system can be defined as the max deviation from the 3-phase average divided by the average.


Voltage unbalance is usually caused by single-phase and non-linear loads that are not evenly distributed.


Sources of voltage unbalance are usually found inside of facilities...


This White Paper Includes:

  • Voltage Unbalance
  • Canvass and Voltage Unbalance
  • 3-Phase Groups

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