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Voltage Unbalance with Single Phase Boomerangs in Canvass

Category: Boomerang, PMI Products, Canvass

Voltage Unbalance with Single Phase Boomerangs in CanvassVoltage Unbalance with Single Phase Boomerangs in Canvass_BPimage

Here's how to analyze voltage unbalance with single-phase Boomerangs in Canvass.


Canvass includes the ability to perform voltage unbalance studies using single-phase Boomerangs. Logical groupings of three Boomerangs may be created and treated as a single 3-phase device.


This virtual Boomerang is the source of 3-phase data, used to create voltage unbalance graphs.


The use of single-phase devices allows flexibility in location selection not possible with an integrated 3-phase device.


At one time, all Canvass data analysis was geared towards single-phase graphs and reports, since Boomerangs are single-phase devices.


However, unbalance is an important steady-state RMS voltage parameter to measure and control. By grouping single-phase Boomerangs into logical 3-phase devices in Canvass, voltage unbalance can be analyzed.


This White Paper Includes:

  • 3-Phase Groups

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