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Waveform Capture with Transient Capture Overlays

Category: ProVision, Revolution, Power Quality, Analyzing Waveforms

Understand why waveform and transient capture are important to power quality and how to utilize PMI equipment to do so.


PMI Revolution recorders can record waveform captures and, with the transient capture option, high-speed microsecond-level transient captures. Transient captures have a much higher sampling rate than waveform captures but have a shorter recording duration.


Transient and waveform captures are both triggered by changes in voltage, and both record a time series of raw data samples. A new ProVision graphing feature allows the waveform and the transient captures to be shown on the same graph.


This feature was added in ProVision 1.70 build 6484 and Revolution firmware build 5.82. Overlaying high speed transient captures onto lower-speed, but longer duration standard waveform graphs allows for a more detailed analysis of complex events.


This white paper includes:

  • Transient Captures
  • Waveform Captures
  • Showing Transients in Waveform Capture

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