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Wireless PQ Monitoring with the Javelin and Revolution

Category: Revolution, PMI Products, Cellular Communications, Networking, Javelin

Wireless PQ Monitoring with the Javelin and Revolution

Networking an Ethernet Revolution with a Javelin

Learn how to configure a Javelin to forward traffic received by an existing ethernet Revolution.


The Javelin is a utility-friendly cell router, providing communication access to devices in the field such as capacitor controllers, reclosers, voltage regulators, and DER inverters.  A Javelin may also be used with any PQ recorder with an Ethernet port.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Configuring the DHCP Server on the Javelin
  • Configuring the Revolution to Use DHCP
  • Configuring the Revolution with a Static IP Address
  • Configuring the Javelin's Firewall
  • Connecting to the Revolution with ProVision

Download White Paper Here